Modern Cotton Gin

1: Gin Saw Blades

RB gin saws, boasting three decades of expertise, stand out as some of the finest globally. Crafted from top-notch European steel, our saws exhibit unparalleled quality. The tooth configuration has been meticulously engineered and treated to ensure the utmost protection against breakage and harm to cotton fibers. With exceptional hardness, flatness, and precise thickness, RB saws deliver unparalleled performance.

2: Cast Gin Ribs

RB cast gin ribs are constructed from special cast iron, capable of absorbing stresses from running gin stands and improving ginning production rates.
We manufacture gin ribs suitable for all makes of gin stands.
Our ribs are specifically designed to outperform standard ribs, resulting in higher ginning production rates.
We offer the choice between cast or steel ribs, depending on the customer’s requirements.
Our ribs can be supplied with or without an insert wear plate for added customization options.

3: Channel Saws

RB channel saws, made from high-quality steel, offer exceptional resistance to wear due to a specialized heat treatment process. These saws combine superior durability and performance for reliable operation in demanding conditions.


RB specializes in the production of high-precision aluminum spacers for gin stands, utilizing state-of-the-art. These spacers are suitable for all makes of gin stands. Crafted from a unique aluminum alloy, our spacers exhibit exceptional hardness, ensuring their longevity and reliable performance.


RB is a leading manufacturer of gin brushes designed for various gin stands and cleaners. Our brushes are available with bristles made from horsehair, nylon, or steel, catering to different requirements. To ensure durability, we use a specially selected strong wood that guarantees the bristles will never detach. The quality craftsmanship of RB brushes allows you to store them on shelves for extended periods without any warping or adverse effects from humidity.


RB huller ribs are meticulously crafted to provide high-precision fitting on gin stands, ensuring easy installation. These ribs are manufactured using a special aluminum alloy, which imparts exceptional hardness to their structure. As a result, RB huller ribs offer outstanding durability and reliable performance. They are designed to be compatible with gin stands of all makes, providing a versatile solution for various equipment configurations.

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